Limit of Liability

You must indemnify us against any claims relating to any engraving or artwork you ask us to produce, including claims of copyright breach. 

Please make sure you have the right to use any artwork. If you ask us to engrave something for you, you are agreeing you have the right to engrave the item ~ either it belongs to you, or you have permission to have it engraved.

You have to indemnify us against any claims for any damage whatsoever. 

We cannot guarantee that engraving an item for you will work perfectly.  You agree that the total liability for any issues are that we will simply not charge for the engraving of that item, and we are not liable to compensate you for any damage caused to your products.

We will, of course, use all reasonable skill and care to avoid damage and ensure the engraving is as you expect.  Engraving can void manufacturer warranty.  No credits or returns on the engraved product. E&OE